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A 13th century genealogy names in order " Albertum, Berenhardum, Fridericum, Hermannum de Horlamund et Zeifridum Bremensem archiepiscopum " as the five sons of " Albertus de Hanhalde marchio " [97]. Canon of the Franciscans at Magdeburg in Bishop of Brandenburg until Elected Archbishop of Bremen end , installed in Canon of St Sebastian at Magdeburg , provost in and A 13th century genealogy refers to a daughter of " Albertus de Hanhalde marchio " as " abbatissa in monasterio Chutilinburch " [].

Abbess of Quedlinburg after According to Grote [] , the abbess of Quedlinburg from to was named Meregard, although he does not specify her origin. A 13th century genealogy names in order " Albertum, Berenhardum, Fridericum, Hermannum de Horlamund et Zeifridum Bremensem archiepiscopum " as the five sons of " Albertus de Hanhalde marchio " [] , specifying that Albrecht died without sons. He succeeded as Graf von Ballenstedt. A 13th century genealogy names " Adelam " as daughter of " marchio Conradus " and her first husband as " regi Dacie " and her second " de Saxonia " [].

The primary source which confirms this information has not yet been identified. It is not known whether it is based on an actual source or is speculative. Nun at Lamspringe.

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Graf von Aschersleben und Graf von Anhalt Herzog von Westfalen und Engern He was co-ruler with his father in Rudolf Bishop of Halberstadt confirmed an exchange between Hillersleben and Walbeck by charter dated 11 Apr , which names " Adelbertus marchio et Otto filius eius " among the representatives of Hillersleben []. The Cronica Principum Saxonie records that " Otto primus [filius Alberti Ursi] " founded " cenobium Leninense ordinis Cisterciensis ", where he was buried, in , and in " Arnesse claustrum dominarum ordinis Benedicti " [].

An undated memorial of the foundation of Kloster Arendsee recalls " Ottonis Marchionis et Alheydis uxoris eius " as founders of the church, confirmed by " Ottonis, Heynrici et Adelberti filiorum suorum " []. The Annales Cracovienses Compilati record that " Boleslaus dat filiam suam regi Ungarie " in , but does not name her []. An undated charter, dated to [], refers to rights previously granted by " marchio Otto Brand. An undated memorial of the foundation of Kloster Arendsee recalls " Ottonis Marchionis et Alheydis uxoris eius " as founders of the church []. The similarity between "Ada" and "Adelheid" appears at first sight to establish the connection.

However, the chronology is not ideal. Albrecht II was named in the charter dated 1 Jan quoted above, so was born in the mids. Albrecht is named in an document in his own capacity, indicating that he had already reached the age of majority. This suggests that " Adelheydim " was the third daughter.

An undated memorial of the foundation of Kloster Arendsee recalls " Ottonis Marchionis et Alheydis uxoris eius " as founders of the church and names " Ottonis, Heynrici et Adelberti filiorum suorum " [].

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The Cronica Principum Saxonie records that " Otto secundus " had " uxorem cum magna sibi in Werda gloria presentatam " but died childless []. This possibility was also discussed by Hermann Krabbo in the early 20th century []. It would also be easier to explain her return to Holland why would she have gone back if Markgraf Albrecht II had been her son? Mecklenburg was populated by pagan Slavs in the early centuries AD. The ducal line of Mecklenburg descends from a Wend ruler Niklot, whose son Pribislaw converted in and formally received Mecklenburg in fief from the duke of Saxony, Henry the Lion.

In , Pribislaw was made a prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 10

A first partition took place in , at the death of Pribislaw's son Heinrich Borwin I, between Mecklenburg, Parchim extinct , Rostock extinct and Werle extinct They divided Mecklenburg in with the junior line inheriting Stargard extinct Albrecht bought the county of Schwerin in , and the principality of the Wenden was inherited in When the Werle line became extinct, the margrave of Brandenburg claimed the inheritance, but ultimately withdrew his claim, in exchange for residual rights to the whole Mecklenburg inheritance in case of extinction of the ducal house treaty of Wittstock, The latter's line became extinct in Mecklenburg suffered considerably during the Thirty Years War the Emperor deprived the dukes of their lands and gave them to Wallenstein in , but restored the dukes in By the Peace of Westphalia in , Wismar, Poel and Neukloster were ceded to Sweden returned in , while the secularized bishoprics of Schwerin and Ratzeburg, now principalities, were given to Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

On March 8, a final partition the Hamburger Vergleich led to the separation between Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz centered on Ratzeburg, named after the capital chosen by the duke. The terms of the treaty provided that, in case of extinction of either male line, all Mecklenburg territories would devolve as a single entity to the remaining line under male primogeniture.

Mecklenburg never had a proper constitution. In the estates of all Mecklemburg knights, prelates, and cities formed a Landesunion independently of any future partition. In an agreement between the duke and the estates the Landesgrundgesetzlicher Erbvergleich was reached, and it remained the basis for the political organisation of the duchies until A constitution promulgated in by the duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was attacked by the Mecklenburg agnates and the king of Prussia as residual heir; an arbitration panel with representatives of Prussia, Hanover and Saxony ruled against it the Freienwalder Schiedsspruch of 14 Sep.

Further discussions in the early s never reached fruition before the events of November The dukes joined the Confederation of the Rhine in , left it in , and were founding members of the German Bund of By art. The two grand-duchies later joined the North-German confederation and became states of the German Empire. He was the only surviving son of grand-duke Adolf Friedrich V d.

The latter's only brother Georg had married a Russian grand-duchess and settled in Russia. Georg married unequally on Feb 2, , and his only son Georg Alexander was known as graf von Carlow title in Mecklenburg conferred on his mother 18 March Karl Michael wrote on 24 June a few days after the death of Adolf friedrich V to the new grand-duke Adolf Friedrich VI of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, to inform him of his decision to establish himself permanently in Russia and to renounce any claims he might have as agnate, for himself and any eventual issue from an equal marriage.

Adolf Friedrich VI wrote back on 9 July to give him permission to be naturalized in Russia, but asked him not to make any renunciation at this point. Karl Michael answered back on 16 July an agreed to defer any renunciation until the matter arose. As Germany was still at war with Russia, and Karl Michael was not only a Russian subject, but also a serving officer in the Russian army, his accession was inconceivable.

Jurists consider that the head of the Mecklenburg-Schwerin branch, grand-duke Friedrich Franz IV , could have either exercised a regency in Karl Michael's name, and, should the latter have a son by an equal marriage, until the majority of such son; or he could have excluded Karl Michael by a decision as head of the house. But, since Karl Michael had expressed an intention to renounce his rights when the time came to exercise them, it seemed logical to ask him to confirm that intention.

In the meantime, by a decree of 27 February, Friedrich Franz IV took over the administration of the grand-duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The wartime situation made it difficult to reach Karl Michael; finally, a letter of 17 May reached Karl-Michael on 6 August. He replied by a letter dated 10 August, from Kislowodsk, and unequivocally reaffirmed his renunciation:. Two factors complicated the situation. One was the desire on the part of the inhabitants of Strelitz to retain their independence from Schwerin.

The other was the will left by Adolf Friedrich VI, dated 29 Sep , in which he bequeathed his whole fortune amassed by his grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm, and estimated at 30m Marks to Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin's second son Christian Ludwig , on condition that he become grand-duke of M-Strelitz and take up residence in Neustrelitz; failing that, the inheritance would be reduced to 3m Marks. In any event, it is doubtful whether Friedrich Franz IV had any possibility of keeping Strelitz separate for his second son, because of the terms of the Hamburg treaty of 8 March which divided Schwerin and Strelitz; even without such terms, the principle of individual succession by primogeniture had been laid down by the duke Johann Albrecht in his testament of , and later partitions notwithstanding, that principle would have come into play once again.

Nevertheless, Friedrich Franz IV never resolved the matter in time. On November 9, he dismissed his cabinet and replaced it, promising to introduce a democratic constitution; he also appointed a new cabinet in Strelitz with the understanding that the status of the grand-duchy would be settled by a constitutional assembly. On November 14 he abdicated and left for Denmark on November 16; the cabinet in Strelitz, with the grand-duke's agreement, declared that his regency had also ended.

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The right of this Carlow branch to bear the name "Herzog zu Mecklenburg" was recognized by the hereditary grand-duke and head of house Friedrich Franz on 23 Dec This branch considers itself to be the remaining line of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. If one considers that the renunciation of Karl Michael in transferred all the rights to Strelitz to the Schwerin branch, and unless one considers that the Carlow branch has been made dynast since, then the house of Mecklenburg is extinct and the title of grand-duke of Mecklenburg passes to the house of Prussia.

Wir wollen auch die damahligen nehmlich in Anno Wie dan auch wir zu Ihrer Lbd. Als wir uns gegen den Durchl. Graf, Oskar Maria, Hamaker, H. Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Herzog Heinrich V. Naumburg, Bischof Johannes V. Mackintosh, James, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Mahler, Gustav, Marx, Karl F. Meckel, Johann F. The Coccidae have only a single claw to the foot; the males fig.

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In the Coccids the formation of a protective waxy secretion—present in many genera of Homoptera—reaches its most extreme development. The male coccid passes through a passive stage fig. Many scale-insects are among the most serious of pests, but various species have been utilized by man for the production of wax lac and red dye cochineal.

See Economic Entomology , Scale-Insect. The Anoplura or lice see Louse are wingless parasitic insects fig. In front of the head is a short tube armed with strong recurved hooks which can be fixed into the skin of the host, and from the tube an elongate more slender sucking-trunk can be protruded fig. Each foot is provided with a single strong claw which, opposed to a process on the shin, serves to grasp a hair of the host, all the lice being parasites on different mammals.

Although G. Heymons Nova Acta Acad. An excellent survey of the order is given by D. Sharp Cambridge Nat. For internal structure of Heteroptera see R. Dufour, Mem. Witlaczil Arb. Wien , iv. The development of Aphids has been dealt with by T. Huxley Trans. Witlaczil Zeits. Fossil Hemiptera are described by S. Scudder in K. Paris, , and English edition, vol. Handlirsch Verh. Wien , lii. Among general systematic works on Heteroptera may be mentioned J. Lethierry and G. European Hemiptera have been dealt with in numerous papers by A. For British species we have E.

Aquatic Hemiptera are described by L. Miall Nat.

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