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I'll see if I can get a picture of the bun. I swear.

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You just wait. Gossamer, look what you started! Keep in mind I have curly, thick-ish hair. First attempt: whole hair, loose. I got 2 loops, it looked like a fuzzy chignon after I'd been rained on then dragged through a hedge backwards. Second attempt: hair parted down the middle, loose.

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I got up to 3 loops on each pigtail, but they still looked like stumpy, frizzy buns. Third attempt: hair parted down the middle, braided.

Much easier to manage, I got three loops on each side, they were totally lopsided because I parted my hair anyhow while watching the vid, but I can cry partial victory. A super car additionally described as an exotic is a luxury supercars coolcars fastest.

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Catherine Poirier cpoirier8. DIY with leaves.


Miryam Karama - Mampreneure miryamkaramaa. Blake Dawson.

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In teh future tho, it might be a cool idea to partner up with Rodney Smith i think from watch it played who IMO has the best way of explaining the rules of any game and is my first go-to for rules explanations But your video was also great and helpful! Paul Nugent. In fact, instead of asking someone external to the company,this time we chose to make it by ourself in order to be as more accurate as possible in the explanation and to not forgot some rule detail. We tried to offer to the players a way to learn very easily the rules in a few minutes.

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I think it was a good idea but for sure we have to improve it for the next time. We noted that the accent could be difficult to understand and we will try to find a solution for the next time. Pietro Pomella.