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Kevin Gilmartin. All of my readers who are interested in active killer response tactics will love this book. The author sent me a pre-production draft looking for feedback before publishing it. It could be caused by a terrorist attack. It could even be the result of a societal or economic collapse. Have you ever thought about what might happen if our current health care system EMS, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies […].

After some discussion with one of the writers, I allowed them to use my data. The book was published last month and […].

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I recently finished reading it and I have to say that […]. I genuinely enjoyed the book. I had honestly thought I had already read all the worthwhile firearms books on the market. I'm dying to know if this is a safe read or not lol View all 11 comments. Jun 01, French Press Bookworm Blog rated it liked it Shelves: alphas-on-top , insta-love-and-hea , a-little-angst-never-hurt , possessive , dark-and-broody-alpha , sugar-sweet , some-seperation. Ryker and Nat reminded me of the kind of love story that you know no matter how the story unfolds this couple will be together and not because you want at HEA they just clicked.

There was the insta love that I enjoy and not a crazy amount of angst. I only wish had 3. The characters were equally stimulating and the story had a pull that had me reading this book in one sitting. Hurricane was a hot, fast-paced, and exhilarating read! Meeting twelve years ago on spring break, Ryker and Natalie shared a passionate encounter that left the two of them hanging when it had to end.

Now twelve years later, the pent-up fire between them was finally ignited and this time, there was no turning back. But what is passion without trust? What is love without sacrifices? Ryker and Natalie will both find out that the real strength of love is not when you fight for the other but when you fight together.

This one started a bit too fast-paced for me, but it simmered out in the middle. The plot was concise and the characters were developed which made the book easy to read and enjoy. It was a fun and steamy read, highly stimulating and there was even a bonus of cuteness in it.

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Hurricane is a total package for me, given how short it is. Mar 09, Linda rated it it was amazing.

Beta review: You know how you read an author and you can see how they evolve each book. This book is like that.

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The characters, their dialogue. The Hurricane will make you fall in love with each and every character in this book! The smallest making a HUGE impact! This is your book! Bravo Nicole Hart.

The Eye of the Hurricane

Jul 18, Beth rated it really liked it. You know "the day", when we rode our dinosaurs to the beach in between reading on stone tablets. This Spring Break will break your heart. Natalie is at the beach with her friends. She is a cute teen ready to have a cautious good time. She isn't crazy. She knows better than to go off with some hot guy and find herself in trouble.

But this particular hot guy says all the right things. I hated being called cute. All my life, I was cute. I hated cute. I wanted to be sexy, seductive He is thoughtful, attentive, and patient. And then Spring Break is over. Promises are made. And I never break my promises, got it? Years later they are brought together again. On the beach. But this time life is more complicated than bikinis and board shorts.

I'm a fucking stalker This was the third Saturday in a row that I've watcher her. Ryker and Natalie reconnect after all these years. So much has changed. Nat is no longer the innocent girl he kissed on the beach. And he is no longer a boy. He is all man who has seen and done things he wants to forget. Forget and move on. But the Hurricane still lives inside of Ryker. A Hurricane that is protective of his loved ones. A Hurricane he wanted to keep buried.

Until he has no choice but to unleash it's fury. But Hurricane's destroy everything in their path.


I really enjoyed Ryker and Nat. They were so sincere. There are first days of school, making out on motorcycles, tracing tattoos, and building sand castles. There are also manipulative brothers, illegal money, and of course, hurricanes. The Hurricane is a great read about second chances, finding what your heart desires, and breaking promises to yourself. Because sometimes protecting what you love is more important than keeping promises. May 25, My Own Bookshelves rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , standalone , arc-prerelease-version.

He was also pissed. That connection is so profound you remember it for years. This is what our Hero, Ryker and our heroine, Natalie have together. As young adults, their connection seems to be a forever one. Then a pesky little thing of 12 years gets in the way to see if it was just lust or a real connection.

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I guess I like to root for the underdog. So when characters have the chance to do it over and do it right, I like that feeling the story gives me. And Ms Hart does not disappoint. I loved both Ryker and Natalie. There is not a lot of heavy drama or angst.

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Students, staff and our online community were challenged to send us photos of their animals reading. The physical display included some of these images, plus an array of animal-related reading material quick reads, picture books, novels, magazines, visual books, reference books and many, many toy animals. This may be particularly true for those students who are on the cycle of resitting GCSE English and have, therefore, fallen out of love with words. We celebrated World Poetry Day back in March.

Whilst most students grumble that they hate poetry, as a teacher, I know it has the power to unleash creativity and, when introduced in the right way, can be accessible for everyone. After all, it has no rules. The unusual location of the display, the use of black and the hanging sign meant it display stood out and received a lot of attention.

More on how to write Blackout Poetry here. We worked hard with the GCSE English teachers to engage the resit students — in the end, they had multiple trips to the library during their lesson time. We also had entries from many other students, staff and visitors to the campus!

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Simon Zec, a local poet, was with us all day. He performed poems, took questions about writing and his process and judged the 70 competition entries! He also wrote a poem dedicated to Brinsbury. This display related to physical stock, a competition enabling students to be creative and play with language, connections across the college and the community and an event. Situation 1 : building up to my MA dissertation proposal. Situation 2 : tentatively figuring out a PhD proposal, working alongside someone I admire and who is so very, very clever.