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Sign in Register Wishlist 0. Product Description. Product Details. Review this Product. Write your message below to post a review: Rating:. Ask a Question About this Product More Ask a question. Look for similar items by category. I just got done doing some abdominal exercises. I was looking at my waist and decided that it was becoming unsightly. I have been doing Hatha Yoga every morning now for about a week or two and it is coming along well.

I enjoy it and am seeing some improvement in my balance and concentration. I will continue this routine for the rest of the month of November.

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I need to work on my pranayama and meditation practice. I am not doing as well in either one of these areas and I think it has to due to my lack of specific daily goals in these areas. In addition to my yoga routine I will practice a pranayama routine and a meditation routine daily, as well as physical exercises and a calisthenics routine. I will do push-ups and dips and legs every other day and a certain number of abdominals and cardiovascular every day.

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I will figure out the details of this and journal it. I also wanted to write about my meditation and the problem I seem to be having with it. The main problem is that nothing is happening. My legs always fall asleep and I get distracted. I need to learn to shut my thoughts off and to control them, rather than letting them run wild. Meditation is the only way to learn how to meditate and to improve the skill, so I must discipline myself to longer periods of meditation and must focus on keeping my mind quiet.

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I know from past experience that I can reach a state of transcendence—as has happened before, spontaneously. But only after I learn how to quiet the mind. I am not my body or my thoughts or my emotions—I am something higher. I am the one who chooses—I am the force that controls the action of my body, mind, and emotions, but I must learn through practice, application, and meditation, how to do this.

Last night someone got hurt badly over on C-block. I hear they found him beat down, in his cell. I heard the Code Blue and then, looking out my window I saw the white Dodge prison patrol truck speed out the driveway, his blue and yellow flashers on, and zip up to Pleasant Valley Road. I figured he drove out there to escort in an ambulance. About five minutes later this was confirmed. An ambulance came speeding south on Pleasant Valley and then, with the prison escort leading the way and both lights flashing, the ambulance drove up the main prison road and into the prison.

Many of the guys on the unit became excited at the sight of all the colorful flashing lights. Well, I think I know who the guy was that got hurt. I bet it was D—, the guy I was on C-1 with back in September. What I wanted to write about all this violence is that it scares me. I have had my share of violence and fear in this institution and I think it is wrong.

I am committed to avoiding violence—whatever the cost. That cost may be very high because this is a violent part of a violent world and in my desire for non-violence I am probably a minority. I certainly will not submit to violence. But there are many twisted people in here who derive a sadistic pleasure from inflicting harm on others. Maybe I will go into protective custody.

I have to weigh my options but whatever I choose I will go with it wholeheartedly and I will know that I am right and that God is with me. Note: Twenty-four hours after writing the above I re-read it and got scared that I had written it down. Love and Creativity are Real. Fear and destruction are not. I have always found this subject fascinating despite my lack of mathematical understanding. I am mainly a visual and conceptual thinker rather than an analytical thinker.


I was amazed and delighted to find that Einstein had been this type of thinker also. But I think I can if I take a visual approach. I reall want to be able to understand physics in mathematical terms. I have been thinking about an idea regarding how flashes of creativity and insight come to people. Is the creative process something entirely from within the human mind, or is it part of some larger process outside of, but not entirely separate from the mind?

If creative thoughts and ideas are derived from some universal source and absorbed by the human mind—taking form there in an image or a phrase or a plan of action—how are these creative impulses transmitted? Does the source permeate all matter down to the most fundamental level—some level beyond our ability to observe? Does it exist throughout space-time itself—a force like gravity? Or does this creative energy come from some point-source like light shining forth from a star? Could sunlight itself carry the message of creativity to the human mind the way it carries energy for photosynthesis to a plant?

Does the nuclear process which creates light also cause the organization of chemicals into proteins, and proteins into more complex chemical and biological forms? Does it organize and restructure the genetic code of life? I will explore this idea further in my meditations and writings.

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Or maybe not. On second thought I am certain I have changed both inside and out, and almost completely for the better. Looking back through my journal from I see quite a different person. And yet the same. My goodness, my gracious, my God! Why was I cursed with this unrelenting drive to ask the Big Questions?

Or rather, I should say, I used to feel that way. Nowhere to go. Nothing to change or be changed. And yet I still go. I had finally surrendered to my deeper Self—to my little dreamer—and felt as though I could do anything. That it can only be experienced, not articulated. At least not in words. It is essentially a secret. Not because it is fragile, or sacred, or powerful, or even dangerous—though all these things it is—but simply because it is the Truth and can not be boxed in by words, fancy sentences, prosy or poetic paragraphs, or endless piles of dusty books.

And yet it can be symbolized and expressed.

In fact, once you experience it at least it worked this way for me you can see that it is written everywhere. On everything.

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In everything. Right here. Now, yesterday, tomorrow and forever.

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