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Male lions are easy to recognize thanks to their distinctive manes. Males with darker manes are more likely to attract female lions lionesses. When lions breed with tigers the resulting hybrids are known as ligers and tigons.

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There are also lion and leopard hybrids known as leopons and lion and jaguar hybrids known as jaglions. Fun Lion Facts for Kids Enjoy these fun lion facts for kids. Lions are the second largest big cat species in the world behind tigers. Most lions found in the wild live in southern and eastern parts of Africa. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Asiatic lion is the longitudinal fold of skin that runs along its belly.

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This is absent in African lions. Today, the remaining wild lions are vulnerable to disease, disaster and potential poaching, and have to live alongside a growing human population that also needs the land for cattle and crops. Conservation status The Asian lion population has recovered from the brink of extinction to several hundred individuals.

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