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It can move fast, maybe up to 20 miles an hour, bounding over the ground. Almost any type of country habitat may be inhabited by stoats, but they usually prefer an area with good cover, and on farmland will keep to walls, hedges or fences where possible.

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The stoat is a true carnivore, although it will eat birds' eggs, and feeds mainly on small mammals such as rabbits, hares, mice, voles and shrews - whatever is readily available in its territory. Birds are also eaten, and when other prey is scarce, it will even eat earthworms, large insects and carrion dead animals.

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  5. The stoat's eyesight has a resolution below that of humans, though its night vision is better than ours. A stoat tracks down its prey by scent, being able to locate a victim from a great distance. It follows a trail relentlessly, and once in pursuit, the prey has little chance of escape. The victim is killed by pouncing on it and biting deeply into the back of the neck near the base of the skull.

    A stoat will often perform strange antics as part of its hunting strategy. It will approach a group of birds or rabbits and then jump around, pretending to ignore the animals who are attracted to this odd performance and edge nearer to get a better look!

    Understanding what makes his bad guys tick and seeing their world through their eyes is part of the dark appeal these stories have for me. I wish I could say the same for Sudden Prey , the eighth book in the Davenport series.

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    The plot is terrific and unfolds at a breakneck pace. For her associates are even worse than she was, particularly her husband, a deeply violent man who swears an appropriate revenge: first he will find the names of those responsible; then he will kill those nearest and dearest to them, just the way they did Candy.

    Hunting and food

    Sudden Prey wastes no time getting this promising premise underway. The book opens with a sting operation based on motives that may be suspect, and before long Dick LaChaise has escaped police custody and declared war on everyone involved in his loss.

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    The bad guys in this book are really bad. All good! The cast is complex in some respects because there are really four bad guys here. Or four and a half, depending on how you look at it.

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    Then you have a crooked cop feeding them information and a kidnapped woman patching their wounds and helping out in a manner of speaking, but as a reluctant kidnapping victim. If it were just LaChaise, this motive would probably hold up a lot better. The other two men do unimaginable things and end up willingly giving their lives to a cause they have no direct stake in.

    There was never supposed to be any money, girls, or other reward.

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    They just do it—set out to systematically shoot cops and their families—and for what? That question is never convincingly answered to my recollection. It might seem like a small thing on its surface, but it makes an important aspect of the premise feel contrived.

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    Butters and Martin feel like characters who what they do because the author needed them to, not because they had much in the way of especially credible reason to do it. The editor in me would have loved to see Sandford create more complex, credible motivations for Butters and Martin. Consider Sandy Darling, a former nurse who goes along with LaChaise and his crew, but essentially at gunpoint.

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    Her marriage may not have been passionate, but the news of his murder seems to slide right off her without much in the way of an emotional reaction. Anyhow, the other bad guy here is a crooked cop named Andy Stadic. He works with Davenport and is able to keep LaChaise apprised as the dragnet tightens around him, or tries to. Worse, he uses insider information to help LaChaise identify and locate his targets. So, with his help, a bunch of cops and their wives die.

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    But Stadic does this because LaChaise has him over a barrel. This makes enough sense on paper but still feels just a little thin. Stadic has his reasons, but are they enough to play a key role in letting his cop colleagues and families get gunned down in cold blood, to kill someone on his own, and even go after Davenport himself? The key characters here on the right side of the law are Lucas Davenport and his fiance Weather Karkinnen. Fans of the series will notice that his longtime confidant Elle—his childhood friend who became a nun—is not part of the story.