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Each day one of the books is eliminated, so it is a nail biter with a final winner chosen after only 4 days. Since I read this book last year, find a full review here. It was a really articulate panel this year. The main characters are so lifelike and leap off the page. The novel takes place mostly in India, but there is a Canadian connection in the form of a little girl called Nandana.

Sripathi Rao is proud of his daughter Maya, but cuts all ties with her when she breaks off her arranged marriage in India and leaves to marry a Canadian in Vancouver. When Maya and her husband are tragically killed in a car accident, their daughter Nandana must travel to India to live with grandparents she has never met.

Heroism in Anita Rau Badami's novel "The Hero's Walk". An analysis of the female protagonists

Talk about starting over! When Nandana comes to stay, Sripathi begins a journey of his own: one of transformation, forgiveness, and second chances. A beautiful book about painful endings and new beginnings, and the hard but sweet work of being family.

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Always look forward to Canad Reads every year! Try to read all the books and follow the week long debates? Well done you!

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I tried to read them all too, but just managed one well now two! They are all books I want to read yet. Thanks Conny. This was an amazing piece of writing. Thanks for sending. Always great to catch up with you! I hope we meet again soon. Love, Joanne. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Review | The Hero’s Walk, Anita Rau Badami | Literary Treats

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. White Izzeldin Abuelaish 1. Kiernan Ali 4. Wodehouse Bruce Cameron Reynolds Fikry' , by Gabrielle Zevin No, scores. It seemed to Sripathi that the beach itself had risen up and was rippling away from the water. As if the turtles would be scared off by his voice when they carried the thunder of ancient waters in their small, swivelling heads.

They poured across the sand, wobbling and swaying, a humpbacked, crawling army drawn by some distant call to the shore on which they were born fifty, one hundred, two hundred years ago, to give birth to another generation. Across the water line they surged, each an olive-green dune in slow motion, until they were well out of reach of the waves. They stopped one by one and began to dig cradles for their eggs-their thick stubby hind legs powerful pistons spraying sand into the air-grunting and murmuring, moaning and sighing as they squatted over the holes and dropped their precious cargo.

Arun leaned over and whispered, "Each of them lays at least a hundred to two hundred eggs, Appu.

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How many millennia had this been going on? In the long continuum of turtle life, humans were merely dots.

Soon the turtles were done and began to churn up the sand again, covering the holes, tamping them down tight, with slow, deliberate movements. And then the swaying trudge back to the gleaming sea. Sweeping their hind legs to erase every trace of their arrival, as meticulous as spies in foreign lands. They would never see their babies hatch, would not return for one full year to lay another batch of eggs at the edge of the sea that had been there longer than even they had. Their young might live or die. The eggs they left with so much care might yield another generation of turtles-or not.

Sripathi thought about the chanciness of existence, the beauty and the hope and the loss that always accompanied life, and felt a boulder roll slowly off his heart. Born in the eastern town of Rourkela, Badami spent her childhood drifting around India as her father, a mechanical engineer and train designer, was transferred frequently. Her family moved at least eight times before she was twenty.


Since her parents both spoke different Indian dialects, English was the bridging language for the family. Badami's second language is Hindi. The convent nuns who took care of her schooling were not always a receptive audience for Badami's budding literary talents. Please ask your mother to see me.

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At home, however, Badami was immersed in the cultures and myths of her family and the multilingual railway workers. Arriving with their four-year-old son and five hundred dollars, the family was soon ensconced in a depressing basement apartment.

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To earn money, the former journalist, ad copywriter and children's writer ended up selling china in a mall. Of this time, Badami says, "I learned an awful lot about figurines and place settings, but I also made the most wonderful friends. Badami began taking creative writing courses and wound up with Tamarind Mem, her master's thesis project at the University of Calgary. She sent the manuscript to Penguin Canada and quickly found herself a bestselling author with a reputation as a talented new Canadian writer. Her stories of home and away, of here and there, made her a part of the tradition Badami refers to as the post-postcolonial-immigrant school that began with Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children.

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  8. I was twenty-nine years in India and ten years here, so I have a foot in India and a couple of toes here. I am both doomed and blessed, to be suspended between two worlds, always looking back, but with two gorgeous places to inhabit, in my imagination or my heart. Badami brilliantly brings to life a whole cast of [characters]…. The author masterfully captures the sights, smells and sounds of this lively world without overwhelming readers.

    A welcome, sly humor runs throughout…. This book demands to be read straight through…. Badami's The Hero's Walk , which deals with the transmutations of a millennia-old culture, is an outstanding example of such skill. Its sly wit and penetrating insights illuminate a bittersweet story which brings its reluctant characters close to redemption. It is a chronicle that echoes what Graham Greene once called the random shrapnel of human experience. This is an unforgettable and heart- wrenching tale….