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UFO sightings

Dawson unspooled a series of far-fetched hypotheses. None of this was fact-based, of course, and some of the theories seemed more like jokey urban legends than serious accusations. Still, his fans ate it up. The video has gotten more than 30 million views, a hit even by Mr.

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A follow-up has drawn more than 20 million views and started a public feud with Chuck E. Dawson, whose real name is Shane Lee Yaw, has more than 20 million subscribers and a devoted teenage fan base. He has built his lucrative career by, among other talents, understanding what kinds of content plays well on YouTube.

For years, that meant conspiracy theories — lots and lots of them, all delivered with the same wide-eyed credulity. In fairness, Mr.

Dawson is a far cry from partisan cranks like Alex Jones, the Infowars founder, who was barred by YouTube and other social networks last year for hate speech. Most of Mr.

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But the popularity of Mr. On Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, the biggest influencers largely got famous somewhere else politics, TV, sports and have other vectors of accountability. Innocent or not, Mr.

Roswell's Bizarre UFO Crash

A representative for Mr. Time to pack it in. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu.

The UFO Problem

Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch. After Air Force planes scrambled to intercept brilliant objects seen and picked up on radar over Washington in , Samford called a news conference to calm the country. He announced that between 1, and 2, reports had been analyzed and that most had been explained.

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It is this group of observations that we now are attempting to resolve. Later that year, however, H.

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Marshall Chadwell, the assistant director of scientific intelligence for the C. By , authorities were concerned that communication channels were becoming dangerously clogged by hundreds of U. Even false alarms could be perilous, defense agencies worried, since the Soviets might take advantage of the situation by simulating or staging a U. Documents show the C. After a closed-door session with a scientific advisory panel chaired by H.

World UFO Day: Are we really alone? The question is worthy of serious study

Robertson from the California Institute of Technology, the C. Training meant more public education on how to identify known objects in the sky. That plan involved using psychologists, advertising experts, amateur astronomers and even Disney cartoons to create propaganda to reduce public interest. And civilian U. But its legacy endures in the aura of ridicule surrounding U. Hynek , the former U.