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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Electric Hotel.

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Tidelands Fairmile. Paris Savages. The Poppy Wife. Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Behold the Dawn. Shelves: christian-fiction. It's not often you find a book that has a message that shouts out to you. That from the beginning you can sympathize with, understand, and feel a part of. A character who's real, makes mistakes, but you love all the more. One you pity, but are proud of. And when you close the book for the last time, you look around and feel as if you've lost something.

One you can't wait to finish, but dread as it nears the end. Behold the Dawn captured my heart, and it has yet to let it go. I stayed up late thr It's not often you find a book that has a message that shouts out to you. I stayed up late through the night in anxious to finish this spectacular novel. Weiland has multiple books, as well as an established blog, devoted to 'helping writers become authors'. From the first few pages, it's evident Miss Weiland is well qualified for the position of teaching this.

Not only is there a thrilling and intriguing story obscured in secrets, but the prose is beyond compare. I've said this before, but that plays the largest part in my rating. The eloquence of this medieval tale is unmatched by any historical fiction I've read, to date. So let's get down to business. Here're a few of the multiple reasons I've died inwardly over and over again because of this book: -logic and reasoning So many times I find myself cringing and frustrated by the actions and decisions of characters, even wondering at points if they're completely sane. Quite on the contrary, however, was Behold the Dawn.

While I still disagreed at points with the decisions Marcus and a few other characters made, I could still understand their point of view, and see the logic behind it.

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Can I, by the end of a single book, place a character in a random position and know exactly how they would respond based on the meticulous but enjoyable descriptions given in a said novel? I believe Katie aces this. And, on another note, I couldn't be more thrilled with her personality choices. From the protagonist, Marcus, to his love interest who drives the story, to his lighthearted and humorous indentured servant who is guaranteed to make you laugh.

I feel that that was specifically important since this was a stand alone novel. It begins with so many questions, it's surprising to find that at the end you have relatively few left. You discover that all through the story she's been answering the suspicions, you just didn't realize it. Some authors are scared to kill off the main characters or even the minor roles. It can become very evident, and very, very annoying.

Weiland keeps it realistic with the deaths while pulling all the while at your already threadbare heartstrings. You feel as if you're there, one of them, feeling the pain and the hurts they feel. Because she's not scared of killing people, the pain is real. So, beware, before you start this, it will kill you. The names, dates, places, historic events, and people groups It was just a lot to take in, and my head was a whirlwind.

But, I persevered, and eventually caught the hang of it. The name 'St. Dunstan' is thrown around quite a bit, but you have no idea what happened there. It would be appropriate, in my opinion, to give a minor background story beforehand even as a prolog , while still keeping the mystery intact. So, that wraps it up!

Behold the Dawn by K. M. Weiland, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

In all, I'd rank this as my favorite historical fiction novel. And guess what? Weiland will be appearing on my blog, Literary Cafe, with a guest post, this Friday! Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated with all our guest posts! View 2 comments. Feb 09, Angie Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-my-books-digital , y-cfdereader , y-cfdtbr-marathon. Okay, it's taken me a long time to write this review. Partly because I've been busy, but partly because--I'm still not sure how to review this book. But it's been over a week, so I'm jumping in and doing it anyway.

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Here goes Confession I really liked this book! Confession I still cannot figure out why!!!

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It was definitely very well-written, but good writing doesn't make or break a book for me, and this one had several elements that usually are not my favorite, so I'm seriou Okay, it's taken me a long time to write this review. It was definitely very well-written, but good writing doesn't make or break a book for me, and this one had several elements that usually are not my favorite, so I'm seriously at a loss to explain what it was that made me enjoy it so much.

Characters: Tortured, not-so-heroic heroes who have given up hope of redemption are not my favorite archetype. But somehow Annan was written in such a way that I hadn't given up hope for him, and I just kept begging him to turn and accept forgiveness and redemption. Mairead was a bit hard to get to know at first, but I ended up liking her as well.

And Marek! Definitely my favorite, although again, I can't pinpoint why. I just know I felt surprisingly disappointed when he disappeared from the scene, and I kept hoping he would turn up again, however improbable it seemed.

Behold the Dawn

I was also impressed at the depth of layers found even in the minor characters. With the exception of some of the villains, just about everyone was drawn in shades of gray instead of black and white. And while I love my true-blue heroes, I really appreciated the depth shown here. Setting: Absolutely stellar! There was just about nothing in the descriptions, the writing style, the dialogue, or anything else to pull me out of the medieval world that was so carefully crafted here.

In fact, in almost every case, my reaction to something unexpected was "I didn't realize that That, my friends is extremely high praise!